Why Kattapa Killed Bahubali - Was it a conspiracy to kill Bahubali?

Why Kattapa Killed Bahubali?

It's been a great topic of discussion since the release of "Bahubali 1", "Why Kattapa Killed Bahubali?". To be honest, people are bored of this question and waiting for this game to get over.
Answer to this question, is still months away as "Bahubali 2" will get released in 2017. If you explore internet for answer of this question, you may find various discussion boards with quite interesting answers.

Recently, in an interview, Rana Daggubati who is playing character of Bhallala Dev in movie said, "Entire team of Bahubali knows answer of this question for last 5 years". So, fans should wait till the next part of movie get released.

Rana Daggubati said in interview, "Everyone on our film set knows, SS Rajamouli was very clear from the beginning, every single actor who has worked on this film, right from the smallest to the biggest will know the entire story of Baahubali very clearly. The two parts were narrated to us, five years ago. So it was a not quick creation that came out of nowhere. It was planned, thought of and executed."

The fact that, Baahubali lovers can’t avoid it’s second part in a way to know “Why Kattapa Killed Bahubali ?”. As director has stated that, Baahubali 2 will be more interesting compared to first part of movie series. Movie is scheduled to release on 28th April 2016 globally. As per rumours, new cast members can be seen in second edition of movie brand “Bahubali”.

Few days back, Dharma Productions released a video, which was an interview of Bahubali Director “SS Rajamouli”. In that interview, he clearly said that, Kattappa killed Bahubali because ‘I asked him to do so’.  Well, this was a funny answer and main reason can only be assumed at present.

Was it a conspiracy to kill Bahubali?

Many answers and solutions are there for “Why Kattapa Killed Bahubali?”. But, SS Rajamouli could end up finale of movie with a dramatic situation of conspiracy. Mega Blockbuster “Bahubali 2”  will definitely be a good entertainment but it will a final death of those questions, which were left behind by “Bahubali 1”.

Bahubali 2 News Update:

Climax of Baahubali 2, has not been yet shoot by Rana Daggubati. It will take at least 2 months to complete the shooting of much anticipated second part.

Why Kattapa Killed Bahubali? - Possible Reason

In movie Bahubali, Kattapa killed leading character Bahubali in the climax. But, unfortunately viewers had to wait for an answer in upcoming part Bahubali 2. People had numerous stories about killing of Bahubali but not a single story can be proved right as the second part of the movie "Bahubali 2" is still under production. 
So, Why Kattapa Killed Bahubali? Why did he do so? Is there a logical reason? Fortunately, Team of Bahubali has an answer for this but, you guys have to wait for April 2017. 


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